Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shower, anyone?

While working on the bath renovation today, I discovered something interesting. Our plumber put a new type of valve on the water line for the toilet. It's designed to turn easily. Guess what happened?

I was putting down the new subfloor, realized I needed to add a brace underneath, and picked it up. Well, it bumped the oh-so-sensitive new valve that I didn't even know was on the water line. I thought the water line was capped. Nope.

Imagine an instant shooting geyser right in your own home. Ah yes, we had water. Water on the ceiling, water on the walls, water cascading through the downstairs ceiling. By the time I got the water shut off and surveyed the mess, I also realized I don't have an emergency number to reach my plumber.

We found a lot of towels, cleaned up, and had a good laugh! this will all be over soon, right?



Sunday, October 19, 2008

Goals, work, and rest

There's been a lot going on in the studio and at home in the last couple of weeks.

First, I've been working towards the goals I wrote out in the beginning of the month. I've joined Ganoksin, a wonderful resource for jewelers, metalsmiths, and enthusiasts, which has blown my ideas about how wide the jewelry community is clear out of the water! Visit them; they're an amazing resource I've used for a long time before joining.

I've also spent as much time as I could afford to building my line of recycled beach glass jewelry. A custom job came in - two loose peridot stones to be set as matching stud earrings. Unfortunately, one had a flaw in the cut that needed to be worked around, and the other stone was 25% smaller than the first. Wow, what a job! Thankfully it came out well in the end and my client was happy!

Then there's the huge project on the homefront right now... remodeling a full bath. Omigosh, I want it to be done now! I've completely gutted the ceiling, walls, and even part of the floor for the plumber to work in. It's finally at the stage where we can start rebuilding and feel like we're making headway. I say finally, but it's actually gone very quickly - about a week, maybe week and a half. By the end of this week we'll have our new toilet, vanity, floor, tile, paint... all the creature comforts I found I really like!

I took some of the weekend off to breathe a little and gather supplies to finish the bath, but more on that next time.



Sunday, October 5, 2008

Who says what about art in politics...

Ever wonder if the presidential candidates have an opinion about the arts? If they do, what is it? Can or will their opinions affect us as artists?

Go to Artsvote and read what this bipartisan group has gathered about Obama, McCain, and current statistics about arts and the government. Be informed!