Sunday, April 18, 2010

My apologies...

I'm very often working away from my blog and realized that no one knows when that is - it just looks like I'm not responding! I popped in to see if I had any unmoderated comments, was shocked to see I hadn't stopped in since February, and then saw how many comments were sitting in the comment box.

But wait, it gets worse... I read through all the comments (more than I've ever gotten before, of course), and then when I clicked to delete one of them, all of the other approved comments disappeared! Good grief.

Anyway, I am sorry to have been away so long; things can get really busy around here. Since the last show in Columbus I've had a tough time balancing making enough new work for upcoming shows and making several custom pieces along with having kids and life and stuff, etc.

I think it's fair to say that unless I have a special project a client wants to follow or new professional photos I'm probably not going to post - it's just too hard to find the time!

To answer as many comments as I remember: thank you everyone for the sweet compliments! The baby spoon wasn't a commissioned piece, I just really wanted to make one. It was recently accepted into the Ohio Craftsmen Best of 2010 exhibit, and is currently touring different gallery stops throughout the state. It's an honor to have my work chosen for the second year in a row.

The green amethyst ring just sold to a lady who was absolutely crazed over it, which is one of the nicest compliments of all!

And if you're interested in my work, need a custom piece, or want to purchase a piece you've seen, please contact me through the "about me" link and click on my email address - I'm not ignoring you! Artists always need new work and I'm no exception!

Again, sorry to everyone for losing the comments and slipping into a studio-driven coma!!!