Friday, February 20, 2009

Substance in absence

The last couple of months have been a time for me to take a thoughtful look at who I am and where I'm going. While I'm sorry for the absence on my blog (despite all those helpful New Year's resolutions to post more often), it's been a necessary time to really explore.

A lot of fun and exciting pieces have come out of this rumination vacation, as well as some unexpected changes on a bigger scale (for my life). And not everything culminated in answers; I have new questions and some areas seem even grayer than before. I don't mind that kind of tension though. It's better to ask the questions and not have answers than to make them up, or worse, not even ask the questions at all!

So for now I'll leave you with knowing that I have had a wonderful several weeks discovering what I really want to do and who I am as an artist and person.

Content and very happy,


P.S. My hard work over the last year has paid off; I've already been invited to 4 shows in Chicago this summer!