Monday, May 5, 2008

Isn't spring beautiful? This is a photo of the grand old magnolia seen through my eastern facing studio window. Wonderful and gorgeous!

Just got done with a small art show this weekend, and met some interesting artists. I have to say the highlight was talking to John Jude Palencar, internationally recognized illustrator. Oh wow. He makes all of the dragon covers for the Sci Fi series Eragon, so if you've ever seen the very dark and regal looking beastie profiles, you'd recognize his style immediately. He also illustrates covers for Stephen King, TIME magazine, National Geographic, and holds two Gold Book awards from Spectrum. What else can I say - he's awesome! Unfortunately, he doesn't have a web site yet so I can't post his link, but here's a pic on Wikipedia and hopefully he'll get one soon so we can see his work in one place!

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