Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shower, anyone?

While working on the bath renovation today, I discovered something interesting. Our plumber put a new type of valve on the water line for the toilet. It's designed to turn easily. Guess what happened?

I was putting down the new subfloor, realized I needed to add a brace underneath, and picked it up. Well, it bumped the oh-so-sensitive new valve that I didn't even know was on the water line. I thought the water line was capped. Nope.

Imagine an instant shooting geyser right in your own home. Ah yes, we had water. Water on the ceiling, water on the walls, water cascading through the downstairs ceiling. By the time I got the water shut off and surveyed the mess, I also realized I don't have an emergency number to reach my plumber.

We found a lot of towels, cleaned up, and had a good laugh! this will all be over soon, right?



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