Thursday, December 24, 2009

closing the rings

The rings are looking good! The tiny pieces on Jon's ring went on in one pass as well, although it took longer to heat up that much metal. I only struggled with one or two pieces before the flux settled down (even though it's dry it can still bubble up), but they behaved in the end.

Unfortunately, the thickness and width of the metal was more than I accounted for, which affects the ultimate size of the ring, so it didn't reach the right ring size. So, back to the bench to fix the problem, which added about two more hours to my day - but I got it right the second time. :)

Since I was on a roll I started putting the prongs on Sue's ring, which I hope to finish tomorrow. I'm still on schedule, but there is no room for mistakes now. I can't wait to get those diamonds in!

The pics are of Jon's ring first and then Sue's being hammered into shape on the mandrel.


tammy said...

good to see you're blogging again. wondered where you had beeen

Jeni Buckingham said...

Tammy- nice to hear from you. It's so easy to lose track of the blog... you just get too busy and then documenting the crazy pace seems redundant and adds to the list!

Hope you're enjoying the ring fabrication!