Wednesday, June 11, 2008

new lives and missing dad

This past weekend my brother got married to a wonderful young woman who is perfectly suited for him. They are just simply made for each other! Our dad, who's been struggling against cancer, was able to fly in with our mom for the celebration. It was so good to see him, although it was hard to see what cancer had done to his body just since our visit four months ago.

I took turns with mom staying with him in his hotel room during the reception because he was too weak to sit at the table. We borrowed a wheel chair for the weekend to help him get around the resort grounds, so it was easy to get him back to bed when he got tired. I stayed for the toasts and cake cutting, then switched with mom so she could have the first dance with him. Then I came back to the party for the late night dancing and overall silliness. It was so much fun... I even left all my work at home, including the laptop if you can believe that!

My brother and I saw mom and dad off for their plane, then packed to travel back to my brother's new house he just bought with his bride. As we pulled in the drive we got the call that our dad had passed at the airport. It's hard to get past the shock of what just happened - I feel a bit disjointed. I will miss him so much.


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