Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Art show applications - yuck.

Anyone who's ever had to deal with this part of the art world knows how tough it can be.  While it's exciting to begin a new year, I do a lot of nail biting when I apply to juried shows.  I try to plan my schedule well but several really good shows are at the same time.  You never know if you'll get into the ones you really want, or if they all require fees up front with no refunds.  If I get accepted to all of them at once and then have to cancel all but my first choice then I could be out $1,000 or more.  And they're not free to apply to, either.  Some are as cheap as $10 per category, while others go as high as $50 or more.  Since I create both jewelry and functional metal pieces, my category cost gets doubled.  Blah!

With over 20 hours spent combing through applications and schedules, I've just about finished my list of 1st and 2nd choice shows.  Now comes the time to get photos and slides of all my new work and look for cohesive groupings.  Then it's off to paperwork land again!  

I have so many design ideas in my head that I try to at least get down on paper.  With all the "background" work that has to be done to make it as an artist I sometimes feel like very little time gets spent on doing what I really love.  *sigh*   I know that one day I'll be spending less time on the background; pay dues now, reap benefits later.  You definitely have to be committed to your passion to make something like this work.  I have that dedication!

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