Saturday, January 26, 2008

Chilly day, warm hearts

The day was frigid from the beginning, my breath hanging as tiny floating icicles in the air.  If I were to toss a cupful of hot water out into the cold, it would have frozen before hitting the ground!  The only saving grace was intensely bright sunshine - almost enough to make me forget the sub-freezing temperatures.  

I planned a lot of work for today, mostly clerical, although my metal is calling me.  Have you ever spent the day getting all kinds of things done and then looked back only to wonder what it actually was you did?  It's all the details of life, I suppose. :)  

I haven't worked my torch in a day and already miss it.  I've just finished polishing a magnificent heart pendant in honor of Valentine's day.  As soon as the photos turn out I'll post one to share.  It looks so romantic and feminine...  It's made of filigree, which I forged by hand and is probably my favorite technique of all.  I love all the delicate twists and scrolls!  Today it reminds me of the way the smoke curls wisp out the chimney.  My next project will most likely be a filigree letter opener that I just finished sketching out.

Time to curl up like a kitten and get some much needed rest.  Happy sleeping, and stay cozy!  

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