Monday, April 14, 2008

There is no whine before it's time!

So glad I whined the other day!  I'm glad it's out of my system, although I don't want to diminish the real concerns about the difficulty I'm having getting into higher end shows.  Of course, it's easier to say this after what happened the very day after I posted...

Almost a year ago I visited an upscale and trendy-ish gallery in a fairly large city.  Impressed by the flood of sales they were having (on a Monday or Tuesday nowhere near a holiday), I asked to speak to the person in charge of purchasing to see if they would be interested in carrying my work.  After speaking with her over the next several months I was able to send in a portfolio sampling.  I tell ya, the waiting was like pins and needles up and down my legs!!!  I waited as long as I felt I possibly could in polite society, called to see what they thought, and then found they hadn't viewed anything yet.  (oh gosh. must not have made much of an impression?)  

A week after that I got the most beautiful call in the world.  I screamed!  I laughed!  I was near giddy hysterics!!  An appointment with both gallery owners along with the instructions to bring either pieces for immediate purchase or samples with order sheets.  What a change from the other day (I guess I should crab more often if this is what happens)!

As for getting into the shows, it dawned on me while I was working in my studio - totally out of the blue -  that it wasn't my work that was the problem.  I never took pics of my booth display last year, so I hastily set up inside my house for a quick photo.  Probably the worst choice I've made yet.  The light was yellowed, the background not professional enough, and it was slightly out of focus.  It didn't seem to be a big deal in the moment, but it's proven fatal for my applications.  I'm just glad I finally figured out what was going wrong.  I won't make the mistake a second time, so I'll use the time off this year to prepare for all guns blasting in 2009 - watch for me!

Oh yeah!

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